The completely unadorned How to build a Die Tsuchi (warhammer) for Dagorhir page.


Materials needed.



2)more dap

3)about a roll and a half of blue camping foam.  If your rich you could use evalite.  But I don’t think it’s going to matter.

4)a core, I used 1.5 inch schedule 40 pvc.  You could probably use 1.25 inch or 1 inch schedule 80.  but I got big hands.  Mine is exactly 48inches long.

5)  2 pvc endcaps for your core.

7) some scrap leather.  Leather Unlimited has these belly sections of 7-9oz leather for only $12 that’s what I used.  I also double this stuff up for armour, but that’s a different how 2.  you don’t need as much as I used, just enough to make a gasket.



10)2 8*8 inch squares of 2 inch unifoam.  I wouldn’t use anything else for this.

11)not really required per say, but I’d highly recommend, one of those quilt cutting rullers, cutting mate and a rotery cutter, fiskars has a rotary cutter that is designed to take either size blade.  If you use a big blade and stick it on the little blade setting, it’ll but blue foam just like a pizza, and you’ll end up with nice neet squares.

12)I’m putting this here cause you’ll skipp it otherwise, read through this whole thing first.  I get off topic a lot so they’ll be notes about stuff in weird places.



Step 1) core preperation.

Stick the endcaps on your pipe, trace around them, then remove, that’s it,  you’ll need this line later so you can position the head on the haft.


2)making the squares. Ok, my hammer has an 8 by 8 inch face, from the side it’s 16 inches long.  If you subtract the thickness of the unifoam, in this case 4 inches(remember there’s 2) you get a whole foot.  Multiply that by 2 (camp pad is about .5 inches)  so you’ll need 24 layers of blue foam to get it the same size as mine.  Now you’ll have 2 special little pieces on each side of the core, figure out the outer diameter of your core (hint it’s not the size of pipe you bought, I think I used for layers)  and take that much out, that’s your middle section.  Now divide the remainder by two.  I think that should end up with you having ten layers of blue foam on each side of the haft.


3)cut out all those little squares.  And start dapping.  Don’t forget  that you’ll end up with these littler sections on each side of the haft.  I don’t think blue foam is evenly divisble by 8 so you should have some scrap left for this.  Notice my little pieces of evalite in the second pic.  It’s cause I misscalculated.  I’ve come up with an improvement here, there’ll be a note on that latter.


4)glue the core in, butter it up and stick it tween you two blocks.  Remember your lines.  Now for that note, having used it for awhile, if realized this is the weak spot.  It’s the bond to the core, torque is it’s enemy.  I think to improve this you could cut the tweener layers (those little ones) in such away that you would end up with a circlar hole for the core, thus maximizing the surface area, but that sounds a bit complicated, and repairs aren’t very difficult if it does break.


5)dap your unifoam squares on each end.


6)ok take your leather gaskets, I used just big scrap pieces with proper wholes in them, one even came with the whole, and dap them on.  Here’s a couple pics


7)i don’t have pictures of these next few steps.  But take some duct tape and secure the unifoam just like you would with a dagger, and strap down the leather.


8)haft padding.  i used a bunch of that scrap blue foam.  Use at least two layers, and I’d highily recommend using three up near the head.  Also some where around here dap on your pipe caps and make a pommel on each one.  Hopefully you know how to do this stuff by now, if not this is probably your first weapon, and it’s not a good first weapon, trust me.  Ok, if you look at these pictures I used just  a  solid grip area.  That was a mistake, I’d make a bottom grip section just big enough for your hand, then maybe a good 4-6 inch space and the rest of you 1/3 unpadded length.


9)covering.  Ok, make a big rectangular box, that’s open at the bottem, with a whole for the top pommel.  Fold the bottom over just like your wrapping a present, then strap that puppy down with some duct tape.  Not a good picture but I hope it helps.